Cash Management for Schools

LogoText02 For school administrators, education and student safety are at the top of the list of priorities for successful educational operations. It’s also equally important to families considering school districts for their children. Whether you manage a public school district, private schools, or colleges and universities – the need for a safe and secure cash management process should also be on that list. And, the management process should be affordable.

Fortress Armored Services for educational institutions combines secure, discreet transportation with advanced cash management solutions to accelerate funds availability, streamline cash handling processes, and give you real-time information visibility. Transporting funds and valuables is the foundation of our business.

Whether the cash is received from cafeteria deposits, snack bars, student activities, book stores, or from booster efforts – our secure, often nondescript transport vehicles collect, process, and deliver school funds on a schedule designed to work for your campus.

With a comprehensive portfolio that includes cash processing and coin services, we leverage the latest in technology and secure logistics to help you take cash from point of sale to collected funds faster, more efficiently, and more securely than ever before.

Instead of your administrators spending valuable time managing school funds, Fortress cash management services provides an end-to-end solution so your team can stay focused on the health of your school campus and student growth. This affords you more control over your money, security, and time.

As the premier cash management and logistics firm serving educational institutions in Southern California, we take pride in being the local, responsive cash management solution for LA County school districts. If your school or institution needs a complete cash management solution, call us today to discover how we can help your team.