Fortress Armored Teams Up With the Independent Armored Car Association

Fortress Armored is proud to announce it’s partnership with the Independent Armored Car Association! IACOA was founded to provide an association for the growing number of privately owned armored car companies and to promote high standards of operation. The team at Fortress Armored Services believes ensuring the security and delivery of business valuables to be an important function in making sure Los Angeles County businesses keep doing business smoothly. Fortress Armored is underwritten by the same underwriters as the national carriers.

We utilize fully armored vans for a discreet profile and approach to your locations and we have trained armed guards that are screened to meet our strict hiring standards. We also offer cash vault services that are designed to save you time and money. Fortress Armored has developed banking relationships here in Los Angeles that allow us to not only be a cash vault for certain financial institutions locally, but has paved the way for us to be a virtual vault for out of state financial institutions as well. We can provide daily credit for our cash vault customers. Call 310-970-9800 today for your no-obligation consultation and discover how we can keep your business secure.

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